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  • The Mustard Seed as Affordable Housing

    The Mustard Seed as Affordable Housing

    Since the purchase, transfer and renovation of The Mustard Seed house in 2018/2019, the house has continued to be a space for young women to find a home and community for varying periods of time and that meet their particular needs. This has meant that some women have been at the Mustard Seed for a…

  • Transfer of Mustard Seed Home

    Transfer of Mustard Seed Home

    We are about to sign the documents for the transfer of the Mustard Seed home to Level Ground! We have paid R525 000 to the Seller, and raised a bond for the remaining R1 375 000 We have taken a step of faith, trusting God for provision to pay off the bond. We will soon…

  • Mustard Seed Home

    Mustard Seed Home

    We have become acutely aware of the adverse effects rising property prices in Cape Town’s inner city areas have had on the community we love, live in and serve. Many families have been forced to move to the outskirts of the city. We are also aware of the continued legacy of apartheid spatial planning in…