The Mustard Seed as Affordable Housing

Since the purchase, transfer and renovation of The Mustard Seed house in 2018/2019, the house has continued to be a space for young women to find a home and community for varying periods of time and that meet their particular needs. This has meant that some women have been at the Mustard Seed for a longer period of time and found a space in which they can grow, develop and take the next steps in their life journey. For others, this has been space of temporary refuge and care.

In addition to being a home, during 2020, the Mustard Seed was also used as a gathering place for prayer for the Eden team as well as a space from which the wider Salt River community has been served and cared for through the Coivd-19 pandemic and the national lockdown.

In 2021 we have formalised lease agreements with each of the residents. This has enabled us to learn further lessons about managing an affordable housing space, and it has provided the residents with practical experience of leasing accommodation. We initially raised a bond of R1 375 000 in order to purchase the Mustard Seed. Over the past three and a half years we have paid off R795 000 of the bond. It is our desire to pay the R580 000 remaining on the bond as soon as possible as this will allow us to be more flexible in the accommodation that we can offer, as well as enabling us to begin to explore possible future projects in the affordable housing space.

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