The committee is comprised of members from various professions and walks of life, all with a heart for God and to see our country healed and reconciled through prayer, restitution and relationships.

Gary Appleton

Gary Appleton has a background in project administration in public sector housing projects, and currently provides administration services to small businesses. Gary believes that as a white South African who has specifically been advantaged by the policy of Apartheid while others were specifically disadvantaged, restitution is both a biblical and a necessary response to addressing injustices of the past.

Grant Gunston

Grant is a practising attorney, who also has a BA(Hons) in psychology. One of his passions is mediation and transformative conversations. Grant has a strong commitment to social justice, including in the housing space.

Jessica Rice

Jessica has ten years experience in administration and bookkeeping and has completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specialising in Financial Management. She currently runs her own bookkeeping and accounting business where she services numerous Non-Profit Organisations. She dreams of seeing Cape Town transformed into a city of no divides, regardless of race and socio-economic status.

Earnley Sissing

Born and raised in Athlone, Cape Town. Even though Earnely experienced segregated childhood, he counts himself fortunate and encouraged to be living in a society of such diverse cultures & backgrounds as found in Cape Town, South Africa and believes there is a special relevance found in the diversity of God’s creation and our nation being called the “Rainbow Nation”. God seems to love the harmony of diversity. He has been working in the property management and development industry for just over two decades and currently manages his own company involved in property development and property maintenance.

Alister Main

Alister has many years’ experience in software development and is a director of a small software development business. As a beneficiary of apartheid privilege, Alister recognises and is moved by, the serious social injustices that exist in South Africa today, where past Apartheid policy still leaves a massive gap between rich and poor, down racial lines. For Alister, Level Ground has been a great conduit for him to help restore dignity to brothers and sisters in Christ who have been robbed by Apartheid’s legacy, and to share in the joy that this restoration brings.

Greg Cook

Greg moved with his family to Cape Town from the UK in 1998 to be involved with multi-racial church ministry and computer training in Khayelitsha township . He is an engineer and believes providing affordable housing solutions are a key factor in restitution and restoration for those previously disadvantaged by apartheid.