Mustard Seed Home

We have become acutely aware of the adverse effects rising property prices in Cape Town’s inner city areas have had on the community we love, live in and serve. Many families have been forced to move to the outskirts of the city. We are also aware of the continued legacy of apartheid spatial planning in our city, the effects of which can still be tangibly seen and experienced mostly by the poor.

At the same time, we have felt prompted by our belief in the Gospel of Jesus which should be good news to the poor. We are dreaming of making a difference and whereas we have some big dreams, we acknowledge that we need to make a small start.

In fact, we are not ashamed of starting small, it is God’s economy after all. Ed Stetzer says:

As agents of transformation in God’s subversive kingdom, we don’t have to apologize for being few in number, focusing on one little area or need around us, making what seems to be a small impact. Our King’s own teaching tells us not to be thrown off or discouraged by worldly perspectives that minimize what we’re doing or try to stop us from getting started altogether, making us perceive our kingdom work as being too insignificant to matter. Small strides are actually God’s deliberate design for effective growth. It’s how his kingdom happens.

Subversive Kingdom – Ed Stetzer


And so we would like to start by buying one house and converting it into a home for a ministry couple and for a few women within our community. This will provide a safe place, a roof over their heads and a place where they can flourish. We want to build homes not houses. By starting small at first with just one home in Salt River, Cape Town, we have identified a house in the community that needs some work done for it to house two families.


We are operating more on faith than anything else. To make this possible we have two targets. If we are able to raise R200,000 we would be able to pay a deposit on a house already identified. We would then need to raise a further R2,000,000 to purchase the house outright, and then lastly we would need a further R500,000 to start renovations on the building.

We believe building this one house will unlock our imagination to possibilities that are bigger and better for the city at large. We also hope to model a prophetic imagination that challenges others to do even greater things and in particular for the Church to respond to poverty, inequality and the legacy of our past.

This is your official invite to join us on this journey. Pray with us, donate to us, build with us. All for the kingdom.

If you would like to contribute to this, either donate on our website here or go to GivenGain.







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