Transfer of Mustard Seed Home

We are about to sign the documents for the transfer of the Mustard Seed home to Level Ground! We have paid R525 000 to the Seller, and raised a bond for the remaining R1 375 000 We have taken a step of faith, trusting God for provision to pay off the bond.
We will soon be starting to plan the first phase of the renovation of the house. This will include the replacement of the upstairs floor, and the renovation of the downstairs so that a ministry couple can move in.

Please consider getting involved in one of the following ways:

  1. Pray – Our primary fundraising mechanism is prayer. It is foundational. Without God we cannot do this. In fact, without God, we will not do this.
  2. Consider financially supporting the project as we look to repay the bond and fund the renovations. Now that we will be making bond repayments, donating a set amount monthly, for a specified period would assist us in our planning.
  3. Get involved with renovations to the house. We will need specific skills that will assist us in the renovation of the house, networks that we can tap into or time that you can give.
  4. Meet one of the committee members to chat about potential areas of involvement

You can contact us via our contact page or by emailing info[at]







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