My Wife and I have been staying in Joe Slovo. We have been staying there since 2002. At that stage we had no children. In  2004 we were blessed with a beautiful girl named Vuyolwethu (Vuyo). In 2006 God blessed us with a son Zingisile (Zingi)  and in 2010 God blessed us with our last son Lukhanyo.
Our shack was a two room with a Garage, so we turned our Garage into a room. If I can tell you a little bit about a shack, it is a house where you always worry about fire, sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night to save our lives and our belongings. Another thing is rats. Our children could not go to another room alone because they are always scared of the rats. When it’s raining sometimes water comes in. There is no running water or flush Toilets and that is one of the worst part.
But because God is always there in all these circumstances we survived and all these years, He did provide and protects us.

On the 25 August 2012, God intervened more into our lives. He provided a Brick House and that was our first brick House to live in as Mbombi family.
We do thank God for that. Deeply in our hearts we know that God always intervened into our lives. But that was unforgettable moment for us. Having friends from our Church, friends from Gunstons Attorneys i.e. My colleagues and My Bosses helping us to move our belongings from the shack into our new Brick House and that was huge for us. We were so excited on that day, we slept so peacefully for the first time.
Everyone was so excited about that event and celebrating with us as Mbombi family. We will always thank God for everything,He has done to our lives.







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