Acquiring houses for Level Ground: – part of our journey so far

In March 2011 Level Ground put in their first offer on a house in Langa. After much drama and many prayers, transfer finally went through in December 2011.Then the real fun and hard work began, as plans were made for alterations, these then had to be submitted to council, and then building began. It was an amazing journey, seeing how people came together working on this project. So many people gave their time and skills free of charge – we are so grateful to them. August 25 was the big day, and the new occupants were able to move into their new home. Despite the pouring rain, it was a day of excitement and  anticipation! I had a few tears in my eyes, when I saw the one boy’s face we he walked into the bathroom and saw that he had a     bath and toilet inside the house! While the alterations were happening on the first house, in February, Level Ground put in an    offer on another house, and transfer took place in May. Not much was needed to be done to this house, and the new, proud homeowner took occupation In June. It has been so exciting to see our friends being able to move into brick houses and we  are so grateful to God for how we have been able to facilitate in acquiring these two homes for our first two families, and look  forward to seeing what God has in store as we continue this journey as Level Ground.

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