Our first house (“dream home”) delivered – Testimony from the new owner in her own words










I Rosemary Saffi was born in Hout Bay growing up in Mossel Bay with my grandparents from my mother’s side in a house. At the age of 18 I left home and came to live and work in Cape Town.
I never could see myself living in a bungalow. I moved to Langa in 1986 with the father of my children and we lived in a bungalow that leaked. From moving many times it start to getting teary and weary. I pray to God for a way out as I could not grow my children in a broken and leaking bungalow and He bless me with a new house. It was a new experience but my dream was a new brick house with rooms even if it is not enough for everyone of us but just for privacy as we respect one another.
In 2001 God changed my life from bad to blessed. I joined Jubilee Community Church, become life group leader and began to communicate more with my God accept and believe His promises, start to dwell into the Word/bible. My mind set change from negative to positive.
So one day God gave me a dream of a house and He promise me to hang on and pray which I did for 5 years I never give up always remind myself God is faithful to those who wait.
A few years ago my dearest sisters in Christ, Solvej and Darlene, introduce me to Level Ground. They walk and pray with me and said they would help me to get a brick built house which they did and I am grateful for.
I am so excited to have a house called home. The privilege I have I wish it could happen to all who suffer like I had. To have a dream house like mine. My dream end and begin on 30th June 2012 when I really had moved into my house and I could not sleep. Why? Because it was and still is to have my own bedroom with a door I can close, inside bathroom and toilet, hot and cold water with shower/bath and basin. I am so grateful I can’t explain how I feel right now because its still a dream house come true for me and my children.
Last but not least I want to thank my family in Christ, Jubilee community church and Level Ground who are still busy doing good work for the poor, Gunstons and everyone else who was involve in my life to have my dream come true. Remember God will never forsake us he care for us all. Keep on waiting in the que what God had put us in and believe pregnant people get babies, keep on praying and hold on and never give up.”







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