What is Level Ground

Level Ground is a registered PBO, whose founding members are Christians who passionately believe that that the injustices of the past in South Africa should be rectified and repaid! Level Ground promotes justice, restitution and the restoration of dignity by means of assisting those who, due to past injustices, do not have the financial ability to own or have access to adequate housing.

We aim to assist those who would like to repay the debt of apartheid through restitution, by pooling money, goods and services donated and apportioning it to those in need.

Apartheid has resulted in a large proportion of Cape Town’s population, currently around 1,500,000, living in informal housing, consisting of shacks built without proper planning or infrastructure. This results in people living in atrocious conditions in improper structures with no sanitation, running water or personal safety.

Level Ground aims to assist beneficiaries to gain access to formal (brick) housing by:

  • Raising funds through restitution to assist disadvantaged South African to rent/buy/build their own houses.
  • Resolving legal and administrative property-related issues
  • Starting and maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships
  • Assisting in other matters related to housing and accommodation